Catching Up

Well it has been quite awhile since I posted on here!  I plan on getting back to consistently posting again.  Quite a few things in my life have changed since I last posted and I am now back in Utah working as the Head Sports Performance Coach at a place called Xcel in Salt Lake City.  I just have to take a few minutes to say how thankful I am for the experience that I had at the University of Detroit on Joe Tofferi’s staff.  One of the main reasons I went to work at Detroit was to be exposed to a new philosophy that was different than what I had been exposed to previously.  Well, I could not have asked for a better opportunity to LEARN and become a better strength & conditioning professional than I had learning from him.  I am so blessed to have worked with and learned from him and so many other great strength & conditioning coaches throughout my career that have shaped my ever-evolving philosophy.  I will probably be sharing many of the truths I learned from Joe at Detroit in upcoming entries.  I am also extremely lucky with my new position to have the freedom to put into practice all the amazing things I’ve learned over the last 5 years in trying to help the great athletes I’m blessed to be able to work with here reach that next level.  With the amazing things I was able to learn from Joe at Detroit, it just reminded me how important it is for us to all continually try to learn, improve and develop ourselves as strength & conditioning professionals.  If we are doing things exactly the same way we did with our athletes even just a year ago, we are not doing enough to learn and develop ourselves and our knowledge.  I’m not saying we need to make huge wholesale changes with how we do things all the time.  However, we should constantly be improving and making minor changes and improvements to how we work with our athletes – and this could go for how we do things programming wise and/or as coaches, leaders and motivators. 

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